Proofing your Project

We provide you with an opportunity to download a low-res watermarked PDF proof by clicking on the "Save & Exit" button where you'll be prompted to name your project and then it will be added to your shopping cart.  Click on the "lowresproof" link to download, review and share this proof offline prior to ordering.  Please note the watermark will not print on your final design.

You can then proceed to checkout or click on "Edit Design" to launch your project back into the designer to make any edits.

A link to your proof will also be available in your "My Design" section.

If you're accessing a saved design through your "My Design" section at a later date to approve and proceed with your order:

  • You can relaunch your project from your "My Design" link and clicking on the "Edit/Order" button of the project you would like to order.
  • Your project will launch back into the design tool where you'll click on the "Save & Exit" button to proceed to checkout.

If you still have questions regarding your PDF Proof please submit a support request with your specific questions.  By attaching your PDF proof to your request it will help us assist you much faster.

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